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Chicken park

All the games in the park are all built on the ethereum blockchain. No possibility of cheating, it all depends on your destiny.

Asset-backed token
Chicken Coin - CKN

Without ICO, using theory of token economy: the initial token will be sold with 9% dividend, and the future dividend will gradually drop to 0%, so that the value of the token will return to the essence of the game.

Plasma scalability
Chicken chain

The chicken park will build a Side-Chain, and the data on the Side-Chain is regularly sent back to the Ethereum main network for verification, which is fast, safe and stable.

Coming soon
first stage
September 2018
simple e-sport

Chicken Park makes life more exciting! Through simple e-sport, you can play against friends or strangers. Currently launched: chicken jump, chicken drop, fishing hunter.

The most noteworthy thing is that the old games are prone to cheating, so the park has a special anti-cheat method: streaming games, all players can only get streaming pictures when playing games, but not Get the physical data!

second stage
November 2018
Sport Prediction

Forecast baseball, basketball, football, Beijing racing car competition! You can support your favorite team anytime, anywhere in the Chicken Park. It's worth noting that all the records will be saved on the blockchain, so you don't have to worry about the website being closed and fleeing. The prize you won will be automatically distributed by the smart contract, and the contract is written to ensure that getting the prize.

Sport Prediction comes with an egg investment system, and you can earn about -5% ~ +5% of your daily profit. The chicken coins that invest in eggs will be used as a prize pool for Sport Prediction.

Sport Prediction prohibits people from the United States, China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Third stage
February 2019
Mobile game

Chicken Park Mobile Game is built-in: Texas Hold'em, Niu Niu, Chinese Poker, you can play against friends or strangers! It is worth noting that in the past card game, players can easily collude with each other and cheat. However, in the chicken park, in addition to using smart contracts to generate verifiable random numbers, we also use smart contracts to randomly assign users' game rooms.

The APP will be combined with the "Chicken Coin" wallet, game market, and equipment exchange.

forth stage
June 2019

The first real-time strategic blockchain game, with the background of "Animal Wars", the game can be played by multiple players or two people.

Gameplay and details are to be announced

Chicken Park features
You should know this
Chicken Park will build the game on the blockchain to achieve a new experience that the previous game can't give to the players!
The game in Chicken Park is guaranteed to be fair and open, so you can have fun, and don't worry about cheating and the platform is closed instantly. All record storage and refereeing are completed through a "smart contract".
Free waiting and fee - chicken chain
Using the scalability technology: Plasma, which reaches a transaction volume of 1,000 TPS. Some of the game records will be stored on the "side chain", which will be periodically send back to the Ethereum for safety.
Asset-backed Chicken Token
The starting price of the chicken coin is 0.0001 ETH. For each chicken coin "buy/sell", the smart contract will automatically increase/decrease the price by 0.0001 ETH, and the ETH in the smart contract will be used as a guarantee. Except for buying or selling chicken coins, it can’t be withdrawn.
Gaming is mining
Different kinds of games in Chicken Park: Prediction, Competition, Trading, every game has the opportunity to get more coins. Even if you just "AFK" you can get a fixed income from the chicken coin.